U.S. Topics

International Travel and the Constitution, 56 UCLA L. Rev. 271-350 (2008).

Zoya’s Standing Problem, or, When Should the Constitution Follow the Flag? 108 Mich. L. Rev. 673-725 (2010).

No-Limit Texas Hold ’em, or, The Voir Dire in Dallas County, 13 The Green Bag 2d 383-397 (2010).

Ten Questions on National Security (invited essay), 36 Wm. Mitchell L. Rev. 5041-60 (2010).

The Extraordinary Mrs. Shipley: How the United States Controlled International Travel Before the Age of Terrorism, 43 Conn. L. Rev. 819-888 (2011)(Selected for Stanford/Yale Junior Faculty Forum, Yale Law School, June 18-19, 2010).

The Case of Colonel Abel, 5 Journal of National Security Law and Policy 263-301 (2011).

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