William E. Butler, Federalism or Federationism, 100 Michigan Law Review 1444-1452 (2002)(“… I have not seen a better account, or a more perceptive one, in any language. … the best and the most thoughtful account available of the early experience.”).

Andrew Konitzer-Smirnov, Review, 31 Nationalities Papers 229-232 (2003)(“… Kahn presents a soundly researched, well-argued and conceptually tight work, … essential reading for anyone interested in this subject.”).

Valerie Bunce, Review, 1 Political Studies Review 119 (2003)(“This book has a number of strengths—marrying law with comparative politics, comparing federalism in the contrasting contexts of an authoritarian and a newly-democratic country, and providing unusually rich regional case studies.”).

Pamela Jordan, Review, 63 The Russian Review 359-360 (2004)(“It is indispensible for students of Russian political institutions and a valuable addition to the literature on comparative federalism.”).

Donald Hancock, Review, 64 Slavic Review 208-209 (2005)(“[B]rings an exemplary combination of academic expertise to this meticulously researched and comprehensive analysis …”).

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